Consistency Is The Key

Okay, so we already apperceive that exercise is acceptable for us. We try to assignment out on a approved basis, reminding ourselves that the adjustment is able-bodied account the effort.
Still, we all accept times back we 'fall off the wagon' and somehow absence those exercise sessions. We get sick, there's a big borderline at work, ancestors appear for a visit, or the kids are out of school.....there's no end to the affidavit why we booty a breach from exercising.
But did you apperceive that CONSISTENCY is the key to success in bloom and fitness? It takes alone about two weeks to alpha accident your akin of cardiovascular fettle back you stop exercising. Afterwards about three to four weeks afterwards exercise, you'll alpha accident beef (losing beef is the WORST affair we can do back aggravating to lose fat!). Source: Shape magazine; June 2005.
We agree, it aloof doesn't assume fair that fat 'goes on' faster than it comes off and now we apprentice that we can get 'out of shape' in aloof a few abbreviate weeks! Hey, we don't address these rules, we aloof address them!
So what's the take-home advice? Stay constant in your workouts. Get into the gym at atomic three times anniversary week. Can't accomplish it three times? Two is more good than none! For that matter, one exercise affair is more good than none! We alone absolutely backtrack in our fettle levels back we abdicate appliance completely.
Consistency is the key, so let's all booty whatever accomplish we charge to booty to accomplish abiding we're accepting to the gym regularly. Maybe we charge to set an arrangement to assignment out with a friend. Maybe we charge to go to the gym early, afore the day gets crazy. Maybe we charge to go to the gym late, afterwards banquet is done and the day is ambagious down. Whatever we charge to do, let's do it today. Let's be constant with our exercise.
We'll see you at the gym.....consistently!