Digestive Nausea - 9 Tips to Avoid and Relieve Digestive Nausea!

Nausea (digestive nausea) plagues everyone at various times in their life. No matter what the cause of your nausea, I am going to give you some solutions in this article that you can use immediately.
Some people seldom suffer from nausea; however, there are those poor souls who suffer with nausea more often and more severely. Whether your nausea is due to pregnancy, IBS, or just a messed up digestive system, some of these tips may be just what you need:
Nausea Prevention
Tip #1 Keep something in your stomach. An empty stomach can be nausea's playground. So don't let your stomach get empty. Eat more frequent, smaller meals and snacks. I find that eating a little not-too-sugary cereal with rice milk before bed helps me.
Tip #2 Avoid sugary products. I know, it tastes great, but sugar can cause a lot of health problems and discomforts, including digestive nausea.
Tip #3 Avoid high-fat foods. That's right...that hamburger and fries may taste good and be real convenient, but if you have a sensitive stomach and digestive system, just watch what happens after you're done. Stay away from greasy food and your stomach will thank you for it.
Tip #4 Drink plenty of water. I know you have probably heard this a hundred times, but if you have a sensitive stomach that is prone to digestive nausea, it is even more important for you to drink plenty of water.
What To Do After The Digestive Nausea Hits!
Tip #5 Try some peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is a safe and helpful remedy to easy nausea, which has been used for that reason for hundreds of years. The nice thing about it is that it has no negative side affects like some of your "over-the-counter" solutions.
Tip #6 You can also try fennel tea. This is another age-old remedy that may help you with your nausea.
Tip #7 Don't take supplements, especially on an empty stomach. Some people feel that taking supplements when suffering from nausea will help their body recuperate. Bad idea! Supplements, especially on an empty stomach, will surely agitate your digestive nausea.
Tip #8 Stay upright and try to keep active. I know that when I have an empty stomach, taking walks and working around the house not only helps it to get better, but also takes my mind off of it.
Tip #9 If you are nauseated at night, use a wedge pillow to put your upper body on an incline. This allows gravity to help keep that upset stomach down until it passes.
Okay, the above should help you out. However, if you are like I used to be, you may need a more permanent answer to ongoing digestive problems that will give you lasting relief at the core.To learn more about curing your digestive problems, go to this Digestive Constipation page. Or, if you would like a complete solution to your digestive problems, get a FREE copy of "Pain-Free In One Day" by clicking on this Pain Free link now!