Your Body Building Workout Routine Not Working For You Anymore?

by: Tony Farrell
When you come up with your Body Building Workout Routine, you generally stick with that routine for quite some time. You'll find that, at first, your body building workout routine is great and you seem to be getting a lot out of it. Therefore progress is being made.

When it comes to bodybuilding - No. I got that wrong, when it comes to any form of fitness the progress slows down. As you increase your muscle size, fitness level or body tone, you seem to get to a stage where progress is minimal. And sometimes at a standstill. You may think to yourself... "This is a useless body building workout routine. I feel downhearted. Maybe it's time to pack it in" All I can say to you is... DON'T.

The problem is that initial gains from a starting a workout routine are tremendous. But you can only go so far. You can't keep progressing at super giant leaps, as you did at the start. So whether you're body building, increasing fitness aerobically or seeking out overall body tone... don't despair. Keep at it. Having said all that, there is a solution. Yep, there sure is. And it's pretty simple too. You see, the body gets used to doing things. It adapts to change. So when you initially began your body building workout routine, you made significant progress for two reasons:

1. You may not have been fit in the first place. Therefore at this point, your body building workout routine would have had a major impact at first.

2. Your body adapts to your routine. It becomes used to the exercises that you perform. Therefore making them less effective.

The Solution - Change your body building workout routine. That's the solution. Pretty simple, huh. See, when a new exercise is introduced to you workout routine, your body building progress increases. Why? Because the body hasn't learned to adapt to your new exercise yet, Therefore making that new part of your workout more effective. This results in an increase in strength and size, or fitness and overall body tone, depending on your goals in the first place. That's all there is to it. Change the exercise. But wait --

Don't change the whole workout routine if it's not necessary. The reason is that out of the whole regime, there may still be some exercises that you feel produce the results you require. If this is the case, don't change that exercise if it's working. The only change, in that case, is to increase the challenge of that exercise. Maybe increase the weight being used. Only change an exercise if you reckon that you're not making any progress on. Work a new exercise into your body building workout routine. Check the results and keep it there if it continues to work. Eventually all your exercises will change, and not just once. This will be a continuous process. Months later, the exercise that didn't work back then, may work now. Essentially, keep the initial exercises for about five to eight weeks. At that stage if your progress is good, keep on doing that routine.

After a while, if you haven't already, your progress will reduce. At that stage, change the appropriate exercises where you feel that progress is diminishing. Keep a constant eye on your body building workout routine. And keep adapting and changing, adapting and changing, regularly. About the author:Tony Farrell makes it easier for you to achieve your muscle and fitness goals. Learn the essential 3 keys to paving the way to your goals. Get your free mini-course now.