Winter Health - How a Home Humidifier Can Help You Stay Healthy

Winter health is a vital concern as it's a time when so many people fall sick. The interesting fact is that the cause is not so much cold as humidity.
It's natural to want to lock yourself away in a heated room during the chill winter months but this can lead to health problems if you don't get the humidity level in your home right.
The fact is that during winter the relative humidity in your home can plunge to single digits. This makes it drier than many of the deserts in the world.
Lack of moisture in the air can cause a drying out of the membranes in the nose, throat and bronchial passages. This can leave you vulnerable to an array of infections.
Because eyes and noses are raw from the dry air, people to tend to touch them more often as well as coughing and sneezing.
What's more, the level of humidity in the air of your home has an effect on the level of airborne pathogens which cause infection.
A study by the National Academy of Science showed that the lower the humidity level, the longer the flu virus survives in the air. And of course the longer the virus is airborne, the greater the chance of someone becoming infected.
If you remember your grandmother kept a kettle steaming on the stove all day during the winter, now you know why.
Nowadays you have a more modern and effective option in the form of an air humidifier. These are simple, inexpensive devices which pump out moisture into the air and maintain an optimum humidity level.
Not only is this soothing to your membranes and sinuses but it actually promotes the health and efficiency of these areas. Moistness creates an environment that assists the tiny hairs known as cilia to move pathogens, allergens and other unwanted substances out of your body.
Humidifiers come in many types and the warm mist types is considered best to help you avoid colds. Some sophisticated models feature purification of the water with with UV light which further helps in sanitization.
So when you're thinking about your winter health, consider getting an air humidifier. They can work wonders.
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