Bodyglide Lubricant and Anti-Chafing Products

Chafing is a common complaint of many distance runners. Running is a repetitive motion that forces skin to rub against clothing, causing irritation. To prevent this irritation, joggers can use anti-chafing skin lubricants and specially-designed running apparel.

Anti-chafing sticks, like the Bodyglide Anti-Blister and Chafing Stick, can be applied to any areas that rub against clothing. The stick looks like a deodorant stick, but contains a non-greasy lubricant that reduces friction on skin and apparel. The lubricant can be rubbed onto areas that commonly experience chafing like underarms, inner thighs, shoulders, waist and nipples.

For women, selecting the right sports bra can also help to decrease chafing. Champion creates a seamless fitness sports bra that creates a smoother surface in the underarm area. Seams can produce more friction and create skin burns, but the no-seam design of the Champion bra helps to reduce irritation and improve comfort.
Anti-Blister Treatments and Apparel

It is an inevitability that all runners will have a blister at some point in their training. To prevent and heal blisters, runners can use tailored apparel and products that stop blisters and ease pain.
Runners should wear anti-blister socks every time they run to try to limit the amount of blisters they develop. The texture of normal socks can grind into skin while running. Anti-blister socks are created using a special fabric that is woven in such a way to provide extra padding and prevent irritation. Wearing these special socks will prevent and reduce the severity of foot blisters.

If a blister does occur, runners can use blister treatment bandages to speed healing and cushion the blister. Both Dr. Scholl's and Band Aid create blister treatment bandages that cushion the blister with added padding and shield it from bacteria that can cause infection. By wearing these blister treatment cushions, feet can heal faster and runners can spend more time training.

Runners can also suffer from blackened toes due to repetitive pounding and rubbing against running shoes. Wonder guards are pads that can be worn on toes that help to cushion the toes during extensive workouts. The pads can be washed and reused. They simply slide over the toe and provide a padded shell that protects the toe. These cushions can help to lessen the foot damage produced by daily distance running.
Buy the Best Running Gear for Protection and Comfort

By choosing the best running products, runners can prevent and lessen damage to the body during lengthy workouts. With constant use, these products can help runners to train longer and harder. By making some intelligent product choices, runners can maximize workouts and minimize discomfort and damage