Ricky Ponting & The Brain Fitness

Guess what! I have just watched Ricky Ponting, the Australian cricket captain, being interviewed on TV. He was man of the match and Australia had won the series against Pakistan in Hobart, Tasmania.


In an earlier post (the Building Blocks of the BFP, December 2009) I said that I could never understand a word Ponting said because he spoke so quickly….it was just a gabble to me (and it is not my hearing that’s the problem!) Well, as he received the trophy, his speech was at breakneck speed, his interview was just as hurried, but I understood every word he said! I was astonished and even turned down the TV volume to halfway to check. But I could still follow his responses with ease….

My auditory pathways seem to have had a surprising tune-up! If I was looking for evidence of any transfer of training from the BFP to everyday experience that would be the obvious one for me. But I don’t think there is a Ph.d in this observation!

By the way cricket is only of passing interest…I prefer watching tennis at the Australian Open.

B.F.A. Editor Note: That is very exciting news, Margaret! Many people begin to notice the positive benefits from the Post Science Brain Fitness Program Classic after they have completed the sessions. As with so many things in life, they often appear when we are not looking for them (like lost keys and ladybirds)