Calorie counts for five popular Super Bowl party favorites

o you’re thinking Super Bowl halftime activities. Forget The Who and Lingerie Bowl VII.

pizzaYou’re thinking food and brews, because it’s only been five weeks since America’s last food orgy (read: Christmas), and the guacamole and chips you’ll be shoveling in won’t be enough.

Here’s a calorie scorecard to keep track of five party favorites:

1. Beer: Those 12 fluid ounces total 103 calories for a typical light brew, 153 for high-octane.
2. Wings: Judging by KFC’s Fiery Buffalo Wings, each one will set you back 80 calories.
3. Pizza: A 14-inch thick-crust pepperoni will cost you 2,826 calories (unless you share with seven others — then it’s just 353 per slice!). Go thin and you’ll save a few calories (2,647 for the whole pie; 330 a slice).
4. Brats: A veal brat will cost you about 286 calories, a beef hot dog about 188. Add another 100 or so calories for the bun. And we won’t even get into the condiment issue.
5. Quesadillas, chicken edition: Plan to share. Orders range from 2,140 calories (at Outback Steakhouse it serves four) to 1,550 (Chili’s bacon ranch).

So fill up on cherry tomatoes (3 calories each) — our next national eat-a-thon is a week away, and you know there’s no shortage of calories in a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.