Tips for Proper Training and Ab Fitness

Proper training involves a mind body aspect and all around general fitness. You want a balance in the development of the muscles all the way around your core because otherwise more developed muscles compensate for weaker ones, resulting in muscles strain, fatigue and possible injury. Hiring a personal trainer as a one time consultant to set you up on a good program is a great way to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Maintaining your ideal weight will help a great deal in allowing freshly trained abs to show. Healthy weight loss allows your hard work to give a personal reward. Despite common misconception, it is not possible to lose weight only from your stomach simply by doing even huge numbers of crunches.

A few specifics on the do and don't aspects:

* Do not do crunches lifting your back up past the point of lifting your shoulder blades off the floor.
* Do always support your neck
* Do not use momentum as a lifting force, go slower and use your muscles.
* Do make sure your eyes are looking at the ceiling for proper neck position
* Do take a full breath in and out with each repetition, crunches, side-lifts etc.
* Do use a fitness ball to increase auxiliary muscle development.
* Do buy an abs DVD if it helps motivate you.

Having a fit core is a vital component in maintaining a healthy body. With regular workouts you will reduce back pain, increase your lung capacity and improve athletic performance. You will also reap the rewards of having great posture and a more toned midsection. There is no downside to taking the time to take proper care of yourself.