Facial Exercises for Health

xercising the facial muscles will not save lives in the same way that working the heart muscle might, but toning the face for at least five to 10 minutes every three days or so improves blood circulation and provides needed nutrients to facial skin for a healthier complexion. Facial exercises also help the skin absorb moisture which strengthens connective tissues.
Facial Exercises for a Youthful Appearance

When a body is well exercised, it looks younger. In the same way, when the muscles of the face are exercised, they become firm and toned, giving a more youthful appearance. When the muscles become tighter, sagging is reduced or eliminated, the chin, mouth and cheeks become firmer, the complexion becomes brighter. There is no guarantee that facial exercises will make an exerciser look 10 or 15 years younger, although that is certainly possible in many cases. But facial exercises will make a person look healthy and toned, regardless of age, whether they are 20 or 80.
Excuses for Not Exercising the Face

Facial exercises were once considered ineffective by the health and wellness community, but more frequently exercises for the face are being recognized as an important part of total body fitness. The arguments that facial exercises don't work are being repudiated by the "proof in the pudding" results of those who perform them.

Another excuse for not doing facial exercises is that they take up too much time. Indeed, some advocates of facial exercise suggest doing them three times a day! But most facial exercises only take five to ten minutes, and need only be done a few days a week.