No Contract

Fitness 19 uses Life Fitness cardio equipment to help make sure members get the most effective and safest workout possible. Types of cardio equipment available include treadmills, stair climbers, lifecycles, and eliptical cross trainers. Depending on the time of day and day of the week it can sometimes be difficult to get the machine a member desires to use, but with the other options available this is usually not a problem for many individuals. There is usually always some form of cardio equipment not being used.
Strength Training

Fitness 19 has a strength training area that consists of free weights, and different equipment designed on working out each and every area of the body. Fitness 19 uses Life Fitness and MTS Hammer equipment. Regardless of when a member is working out he usually has no problem finding an open piece of equipment that he desires to use. The strength training area of the gym is usually less crowded than the cardio area.
Personal Training

Fitness 19 gives members the opportunity to work with qualified personal trainers for one-on-one support. A member who wants to be assigned a personal trainer will be required to pay an additional fee.