Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 20+ Amazing Fitness Blogs to Inspire You

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we look at some amazing blogs that can help you get back on the fitness track, the best way to get out of a parking ticket, myths surrounding financial advisors, and how to make your household appliances last longer!

Top 5 Articles

20+ Amazing Fitness Blogs to Inspire You — We’re only 18 days into the New Year, and some of us are losing our motivation. Check out this list of blogs guaranteed to pump you up and get you back to work! Zen Habits
When Pigs Fly: How I Fought My Parking Ticket and Beat City Hall — Usually, when you fight the law — the law wins. See a rare exception, along with steps towards evening the odds. Len Penzo
MythBusters: Financial Advisors — Many times we take too much solace in having a financial advisor. Know these common myths surrounding the relationship, and find out how you can keep control of your money. Financial Highway
5 Steps to Get You Hired as an English Teacher Abroad — College students are finding it harder than ever to find a good job after graduation. If you’ve considered teaching English overseas as a means of making it, check out this useful starter guide. Studenomics
How to Make Your Household Appliances Last Longer — Some of your most expensive household appliances are also, surprisingly, the easiest to maintain. Follow this basic checklist to avoid maintenance and replacement expenses! Canadian Finance Blog

Other Essential Reading

How to Cook and Eat an Artichoke — I’ve seen them on sale at my local grocer, but passed them by out of fear. They are artichokes, and if you follow this handy how-to, they can easily add some zest to your next meal. Fear no more. Simply Recipes
20 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom — These clever tips not only maximize space in small baths, but add a classy aesthetic touch for practically nothing! (Several of the tips include links to thorough “how-to’s.”) Real Simple
Why are Banks and Credit Card Issuers Being So Nice? Well, they actually may not be. Read on for details. TIME
Save Your Loved Jeans with Denim Therapy — Spending $56 dollars to have your fave pair of jeans brought back to life may not be practical. Then again, depending on how much you paid for them to begin with (and how much you love them), it may be. Hack College