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Where abs are concerned, most fitness magazines tend to do one of two things: offer you tips that guarantee an immediate six-pack (filthy lies) or give you a plan that runs for so long you’ll care more about your ability to remember your grandchildren’s names than your stomach by the time it finishes (pointless).

It’s a good thing we’re not most fitness magazines. The March issue of MF is our abs special and provides a no-nonsense abs plan. Your stomach won’t shrink-wrap into cover model shape just from reading it – you’re going to have to work for the most glorious of the glory muscles. But if you’re prepared to follow our plan for six weeks, we promise you’ll have a sculpted six-pack at the end of it.

In the issue you’ll also find pizzas. We’ve asked a top nutritionist to come up with lots of cheesy Italian treats to help you pack on muscle, boost your brain power and fire up your libido.

If you’ve ever wondered when you should use dumb-bells rather than a barbell or a stretch band instead of a cable machine, you’re in luck. Leading trainer Jamie Baird helps to ‘Choose your weapon’, explaining when and why you should be using specific kit.

Can money buy you a chiseled body? We find out with a fitness face-off between two of the MF editorial team. Deputy editor Joe spared no expense in his bid to get ripped, while features editor Joel spent buttons. The proof is in the before and after shots.

We’ve also reviewed the latest exercise-friendly MP3 players, dumb-bells and urban bike gear. And that’s only a small taste of the physique-enhancing content you'll find in the latest issue of the mag. So what are you waiting for? Sprint down to your local newsagent – stopping en route do a set of climbing frame chin-ups – and get your hands on your copy of Men's Fitness. If you want to make sure you don't ever miss a copy again,