Effect of the chair in your career for computer user...!

Long-term convergence of a decade and the rate of 5 hours per day
And I'm sitting on the same chair yes, the same chair in front of
the computer to complete my daily work ifelt Something strange
did not happen to me before it's That back pain Oh my God back pain.

Sense in this situation is the fear from something will happen
to me As soon as it went to the doctor to tell me what I feared.
Spine The serious problems that when I asked the doctor
 what treatment, said to me Do not sit a lot ,you much
 athleticism and specific methods to be followed safely...!
this's the nature of my work,The question now: Is it over for my work"impossible",
this is the end, painful for me,But My love for my work and
my belief is the essential part in my life, this is what prompted
me to do I search here and there on any way in order to
 complete my work so I woudn't lose my job until I got
 to the easy solution to the Gay .
I NEVER thought on my mind Do you know what
is this issue of something that can not Dispensed it in your life.
[the Chair sitting by] Is this the solution, yes,
But now I know what touring in your head your question :
is not this the reason in my pain Yes, I know, but I will put a
question out when you sit on any chair Do you think about making
this chair before sitting for or,are you inspect it Do not know
the answer certainly is not when I go to somewhere and sit
and inspect the chair It is surely a flagrant,But the solution
lies in the following There is a new type of chairs
designed specifically for those who have private business
Is to sit on the chair you are like me and you are now sitting on a chair or similar.
Those type of chairs designed for those in our cases, such as it is very convenient to sit back even when it feels comfortable
This is a curative,sure.
Yes, it's really Malk chair Desai I have often not physical, but also to moral aspects
I am not able to explain to you how much this thing save me from the illusion I coexisted with a period of time.