Help! I'm Lost Without a Fitness Goal

bathroom scale
How do I maintain excitement and stay motivated when I no longer have a fitness "goal"? I'm happy at my weight and seem to have stabilized so I'm almost feeling like, what's the point? -- Karla, New York, N.Y.

First of all, congratulations on achieving the body that you want. I have to say it's always nice to hear when someone is happy with how they look. That being said, unless you continue to live an active lifestyle and eat healthy, your body will slowly start to lose muscle and add body fat. The human body is designed to survive and since muscle tissue requires quite a bit of energy to sustain itself, the body will inevitably adjust to a sedentary lifestyle by losing muscle, slowing down it's metabolism and gradually adding back body fat.

So, if that's not motivating enough, why not think about other goals, such as training to run a race for a charity or perhaps preparing for an adventure vacation? Both of these options can be very motivating and extremely rewarding. An excellent idea for an adventure-based destination would be Costa Rica for one of their one week surf camps. But, if an adventure vacation is a little out of your budget, than why not try some kickboxing classes or tennis lessons. Both of these activities will provide an excellent workout and possibly provide you with some new inspiration and motivation.

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