What if its all been a big fat lie?

Thank you for being here. One of my goals for 2010 is to post more often on the Group Fitness Talk Radio blog. I am the girl that finds it so much easier to talk face to face, but I want to get to know you all better and since we don’t live close enough to meet face to face, this is how we get to do it.
In 2009 I did some major changing. Let me explain…. My exercise regimen is fairly set. I teach my scheduled classes, which I love, and sub whenever I can. In the summer, I add cycling to my schedule as I can and train for long rides with my husband on the tandem. I pretty much exercise to capacity. Is that a term? Anyway, you all know what I mean. However, I needed to change something up, as I was dissatisfied with changes in my body composition- a nice way of saying I was consistently gaining weight . Oh, by the way, I also know I was working out in the proper zones and burning fat while training. So, horror of horrors, I had to look at my diet. What could I/ should I change? Something wasn’t working anymore. So, I have modified some things and changed the way I look at different components in my diet. I found the following article very helpful. It’s from 2002 and it is a bit lengthy, but it has a lot of good nuggets in it and a lot of “food for thought” ha ha.