New Fitness Equipment Makes Workouts Simpler

Have you been looking for a more efficient way to lose weight this summer? Need to tone your muscles in your legs? Your glutes? You could waste your summer away by spending hours in the gym. But why? There’s so many other fun things to do in the summer.
Now there is a simpler, more effective way to get the workout you need. Two new fitness products that you can take advantage of to help shed the pounds and tone you muscles more efficiently, without spending hours in the gym this summer. Both allow you to get an extra workout while doing what we all do on a daily basis…walking.
The new walking shoes are called mbt shoes and Fit Flops. Both are relatively new brands of walking shoes that premiered and became popular in Europe and have since become increasingly popular in the United States. Featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah, and 20/20, both these walking shoes are flying off the shelves. But why?
The reason there is a feeding frenzy for both these shoes is that they are both a walking shoe with the gym built in, so you can get an extra workout while you walk. Both the MBT Shoes and the Fit Flops are designed to give you a more efficient workout, allowing you to burn more calories, activate and work neglected muscles, improve muscle coordination, absorb more shock and reduce the danger of suffering from a joint strain.
Both walking shoes use different concepts in their design, but the concepts and goals of each is the same. They both help you burn more calories while walking, tone neglected muscles, decrease shock on the joints, and improves stamina. The biggest difference is price. MBT shoes range from $150 – $250 whereas the Fit Flops cost $50.