The game - Soccer Prediction is a 'Soccer Prediction' site, whereby users subscribe by paying a stipulated sum as a subscription fee on a yearly basis. Subscribing then gives you the access to the portal where you can make predictions of the outcome of a game of soccer. From among the winners (the subscribers with correct predictions), a lottery is carried out to select a few winners who are then rewarded financially. Games are selected averagely on a weekly basis for prediction; hence, winners are selected on a weekly basis. Therefore you have numerous opportunities to win cash prizes in the course of the year. For more details.

While one main winner is selected, there could also be an incentive system whereby a few 'runner-ups' are selected and rewarded with smaller prices based on the prediction of other variables such as the number of goals, goal scorers, etc.

Apart from the game, however, you also have the opportunity to take part in soccer discussion forums, view and upload soccer related videos, pictures and news, make friends, and so on.
In simple terms, is the fun ideal online hangout for soccer fans!
There are many benefits to First of all, you have nothing at to lose. There are two types of membership from which you can choose. You can avail yourself of all the fun the site has to offer as a free member. However, the rewards for predicting right as a premium member are in multiples of that for free users. But, whether you are a free user or a premium user, you get financially rewarded anyway!
On the other hand, if you decide to be a Premium member, as every one should be, the cost for membership is a yearly fee of just $50 for more than 30 games! And of course, your earnings increase as members increase on the site. Hence, you derive greater benefits by inviting your friends to.
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