CrossFit Craze in Missoula

By shear serendipity, I discovered CrossFit four years ago. I clicked a link embedded in the email of a doctor I know in Arizona. The link took me to the website of CrossFit.
After devouring the info on CrossFit’s website, I installed a pull up bar in my living room, bought some weights, a medicine ball, gymnastic rings, a jump rope, and went for it. I went to their site every morning to see the posted WOD (workout of the day). I’d warm up, start the timer, and grind my way through the respective WOD.

Ring Dips Rock
Ring Dips Rock
Insane! The work outs are short, intense, and nearly suck the life out of you. But the results are profound. Improved flexibility, strength, endurance–to name a few.
After a couple years of doing solo WODs at 5 AM in my living room gym, I opted to join a group of “CrossFitters.” It’s so much different doing CrossFit in a group. They check your form, root you on, and yell expletives at you on occasion to get you to take it up a notch. Since March of ‘08, I’ve been working out 4 or 5 days a week at CrossFit Montana.
I’m in good company there, as most of the guys I work out with are area doctors. Needless to say, these docs are in kick-butt shape.
I’ll be posting a lot more about CrossFit in future blogs. For now, be sure to read the recent Missoulian article, which highlights Missoula’s two CrossFit gyms. Click here for the article