Make Health and Fitness Alliances Work For You - 4303th Edition

This concept is called “strategic alliances” and it is centered on the pretense that you are able to establish a special relationship with the many other local businesses that will benefit all involved. This means you can take proper advantage of all the time and money that can be spent acquiring new clients and, in exchange, you provide them to do the same with you.
There are a great many ways you can achieve this and step one deals with acquiring a list of local businesses that deliver the kind of clients you would prefer, but are not direct competitors with you. Those that work in the fitness, health, wellness or personal training professions realize this means other business that provide service to customers that want to improve their overall health and appearance will be willing to invest money to make the end result occurs. For example, you could compile a definitive list of local health food stores, beauty salons, public accountants, spas, cosmetic surgeons, or massage therapists. It is possible to procure this list of businesses by simply opening up your local yellow pages, contacting your chamber of commerce, or even the better business bureau:
Dear (Business Owner),
I would like to offer you a means of getting several new customers at no expense to your business. I am a respected (chiropractor/ fitness professional/ martial arts instructor) in the local area and am currently developing a promotion that I believe will greatly benefit your business as a result.
All you need to do to get involved is to send me a special offer that I can provide to clients. You could offer them a half-off deal or other such promotional offer. It really can be anything that will entice others to try your service. I’ll offer a special like this to someone at my business or other local businesses.
I will contact you at (day and time) to discuss this matter further with you. And do not worry. I’m absolutely not soliciting advertising. I just think this arrangement would be mutually beneficial to all involved. (End)
Because there is a great benefit to such a venture and so little cost associated with it, there will typically be a very high percentage of business owners that will respond to such an offer. You should put all these offers in a notebook along with a short description of what the business is all about in addition to offer. Such booklets can be employed to print up in a fairly cheap method for just about any copy and print place. (This is a huge boom for boot camp fitness marketing pros!) On the cover, the booklet should clearly promote the positives of the total value of the promotions inside. When you send enough offers out to enough business, it may turn out to be fairly easy for the promotions to be valued at over $1000.
Give a few these booklets to all of the participating businesses and inform the proprietors that they can purchase more if they so choose. Just be sure the price covers the cost of printing. Now all participating businesses, including your own, will work with a powerful promotional tool. Your print ads can even say something like “All new clients get $1000 in discounts and special offers from businesses in your neighborhood”.”
Plus, every time a participating business procures a new customer and is given the booklet, the ability to land a potentially lifelong customer is possible.