Exercise With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a relatively recent addition to the gym scene. Because they come in different resistance strengths they may be used by novice and experienced exercisers alike. These versatile bands provide effective, thorough workouts that rival even machines and free weights.

Resistance Bands Versus Exercise Machines

Many new fitness enthusiasts assume that exercise machines offer the most effective overall workout. Fitness machines, those sleek, shiny staples of the gym environment, can be effective in working the prime movers, but they often do not exercise the surrounding stabilizing muscles, nor do they always provide a full range of motion about a joint.
Resistance bands, by virtue of their elasticity, encourage natural movement in more than one plane of motion. Because they do not assume part of the exerciser's work load, as many exercise machines do, they also strengthen both the prime and stabilizer muscles.

Resistance Bands Versus Free Weights

Free weights are a better alternative to fitness machines, but even these old reliables of the gymnasium do not offer as complete a range of motion as resistance bands. Free weights also work best in the negative phase - that is, working against gravity.
Resistance bands work less against gravity and more against the actual tautness of the band, itself. This factor eliminates one of the few drawbacks of the free weight - allowing momentum or gravity to do part of the work.