One of our other Moms Get Fit! Giveaway winners, Melissa P., also had amazing success with the program.
Here’s her wrap-up, in her own words:
When I first got the call from the Sentinel that I’d won the Moms Get Fit giveaway, I was (obviously) very excited …  but also really nervous. Almost scared.
The idea of a medical-weight loss program was a little frightening because I was afraid I’d have to

Our winners went to the Lake Mary clinic.
Our winners went to the Lake Mary clinic.
get injections. Picturing myself working out with a trainer watching my every move freaked me out too because I’m so self-conscious.
On the other hand, I was ecstatically looking forward to spending the gift cards at Reebok and Bra Access, and also getting my beauty treatments at Gary Lambert Salon and Spa!
At my first appointment with Medi Weightloss Clinics, Lauren immediately put me at ease about the entire program. I did receive two injections but I got through them and now that I’ve been doing this for 13 weeks, I’m used to them and am not at all fazed by the thought anymore.
Dr. Brown and Lauren have both been extremely helpful in getting me through weeks when I didn’t lose as much as I’d hoped and in cheering me on when I lost a substantial amount. Kayla and Garrett have been welcoming and encouraging, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help me along this journey of learning to eat better and smarter.
James Taylor leads Melissa P. in a 30-minute strength-training session.
James Taylor leads Melissa P. (in her Reebok gear) in a 30-minute strength-training session.
When I first met James at Taylor’s Fitness Club, I was a little hesitant about the theory of working the muscles to the point of failure, doing just one rep until you could anymore.
The workouts only took about 30 minutes (unless we talked too much!) but they got my heart rate up so that I was getting cardio work in too.
By the time I finished my last session with him, I could see clearly defined muscles in every part of my body. My arms are my best feature now.
I’ve learned how to weight train effectively in the least amount of time, and because of James’ encouragement, knowledge and just his great personality, I’ve been able to continue working out on my own, imitating my routine with him as best I can. I do miss him a LOT and I know the other girls do, too!
I have also been using the fitness center in my office to walk during my 30-minute lunch breaks. I’ve been changing up my routines, after I reached my first goal of walking at least two miles in 30 minutes (by jogging in 5 two-minute increments), now I’m doing inclines of 8.5 – 9.0 every other minute at a 4.0 mph pace just to vary the workout.
To date, I have lost 32.5 pounds and am about five pounds away from being on maintenance. I’ve lost 12.7% body fat and 7.5 inches in my waist. I’ve been able to fit into ALL of my pre-pregnancy clothes again!
Not only have I learned how to make better choices when it comes to food, how to fit in exercise and make it a priority, but I’ve also met some of the most amazing people in the world: the people at Medi, James, and most of all Janice and Melissa G.
I’m so grateful for this experience and I now have the tools and knowledge that I need to live a healthier life for my daughter, for myself, and for my entire family.