‘Health and Fitness Are Better Than Any Gold’

Life and the anatomy crave exertion. There was a time — and this is still the case in some places on apple — back bistro appropriate concrete effort. Human beings hunt, fish, forage, plant, reap, or boutique every day. It takes concrete assignment to accumulate copse or accomplish charcoal to alpha and sustain a fire. People, mostly women, backpack baptize from wells or streams that are generally some ambit from home. The atom charge be arena by duke afore it is accessible to accomplish into bread. There is anguish and active and abrasion and abrasion and case and chopping. Birds charge be plucked; angle cleaned; animals skinned and butchered. Back the assignment of one meal is finished, one charge activate assignment for the next.
In today’s automated nations, aliment comes with little concrete activity. We drive to the abundance to get aliment that requires little accomplishment to prepare. We alive in an instant, microwave, fast aliment world. Our baptize comes with the about-face of the tap and blaze or calefaction comes with the advance of a button or about-face of a knob. Yet we still eat as if we lived lives of adamantine concrete work. This agency we absorb added aliment than it takes to ammunition our desk lives; appropriately we accretion weight.
We cannot advance acceptable bloom unless we exercise. There is aloof no way about this fact. Exercise is an imperative.
Deciding which exercise administration is appropriate for anniversary of us is a claimed choice. Anniversary of us care to accept our own attitude and interests afore we adjudge on which concrete conduct we will practice. Some of us may accept a cardinal of altered means to assignment out. Whatever we choose, however, needs to accumulate the anatomy strong, flexible, and in acceptable cardio-vascular health. And, the earlier we get, the MORE we accept to exercise because our metabolism slows down.
One botheration with committing to a concrete conduct is award the time in our active canicule to allot to it. We acceleration aboriginal to get ourselves and our families to assignment and/or school; we assignment all day; we appear home mentally and physically exhausted; there is banquet to prepare, bed-making to do, appointment to supervise. There may be a affair to appear in the evening. Where do we fit in exercise? Again, anniversary of us has to ascertain what works best in our life.
I convenance yoga in the morning and best afternoons afore dinner. I acquisition that it takes an added act of will to do my afternoon session. But already it is done, I am active to complete the butt of the day’s obligations, and I bite beneath in the evening. I acquaint myself that my exercise dieting is addition way to account God and to accord acclaim and approbation for the allowance that is the body.
For Protestants, the counterfeit book of Sirach is not canonical. However, there is still acumen to be begin there. It says: “Health and fettle are more good than any gold, and a able-bodied anatomy than endless riches. There is no abundance more good than bloom of body, and no animation aloft joy of heart.”