Health Challenge: Practice "Fitness Sundays"

I had an interesting brainstorm over the long weekend (ahh, why couldn't it last forever!?), one that anyone can try to transform the end of one week and the beginning of the next ...
The brilliant brainstorm? Rethink Sundays! It's the lazy day of the week when most of us a.) eat too much (hello Sunday brunch with eggs Benedict!), b.) lie around (that is, if you don't have kids) and c.) stress about work on Monday. So, reclaim the day, I say, and vow to perk up your mood and strengthen your bod by doing something active on Sundays. What a great way to start/end the week, huh?
I went on killer 5-mile run on Sunday, and it hit me--when I was walking the final quarter mile--that Sunday is the perfect fitness day. And if we can all retrain ourselves to think of Sundays as the day we go biking, running, rollerblading--whatever--(rain or shine!), how great could that be?
So, I challenge you to reclaim Sundays (if you haven't already) and make it a day for fitness--a perfect goal to work into your Body By Glamour goals, too!
Will you join me? How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one!
P.S. Is it just me, or has workout-wear gotten extra frilly? I tried it: the new Your Shape fitness game (so fun!).
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