Mental Fitness Through Spiritual Boot Camp

One of the many ways Mellon does this is through Mental Muscle, a sixteen-week online workshop that challenges the participants to delve into the the way they think and the way they react in their everyday encounters. "By observing our reactions to life, and then examining our thoughts about those reactions, we will get in touch with the belief behind our thoughts," says Mellon. He teaches that our beliefs govern our life and that we can decide to choose those beliefs that empower us.

Expanding Consciousness

The online global community, Mental Muscle meets twice a week. Each week, Mellon focuses on a different aspect of life, such as "expectations," "complaining," and "perfectionism." The participants are then challenged to dig deep into their beliefs with honesty. They share their discoveries and ask questions through blogs and chatting, which Mellon responds to live during the sessions.
The goal of the workshop is to create a rich and empowered life. In fact, the challenge by Mellon is "Do the Work...Live the Results." Participants say that working within the safe and strictly confidential community Mellon creates allows them to open up, share, expand their consciousness, and that the results are life-changing.

A Spiritual Journey

One participants said, "You've created a portal, a safe place, a FUN place among the stars for us to explore, like new born babies."
And another said, "This is not a class with some writing assignments, it is a spiritual journey that is changing my relationship with the entire world around me."

Belief is Behind the Law of Attraction

In an article by Terri Parrott, she writes, "Attracting what one desires has always been within grasp. However, it is possible to unintentionally sabotage oneself when striving toward a goal. It is essential to have one's thoughts, actions and expectations aligned toward the intended reality. Removing negative thoughts and changing behaviors help one to feel relaxed and energized with the intention that what is desired is on its way."
In Mental Muscle, the participants learn to align their intentions with their expectations through awareness and observation of how their expectations play out during their day. If their expectations are not measuring up in results, the participants must look deeper. Mental Muscle is about uprooting negative beliefs and planting new empowering ones, which allows the Law of Attraction to work positively in the individual's life experience.

Turning New Year's Resolutions into Results

Crystal Marie writes, " While the making of New Year’s resolutions is an annual tradition, the breaking of New Year’s resolutions is almost as common."
The Mental Muscle challenge to the participant is to "...turn resolutions into results."
Mellon says, "It's time to stop hearing about it, thinking about it, talking about it. It's time to actually DO something to change your life."

Not About Religion

James J. Mellon is a New Thought Minister and Founding Pastor of the NoHo Arts Center for New Thought
"...Our beliefs are grounded in the Universal principles that all thought is creative, that there is One Power behind all things and that this Power is found within," says Mellon.