*** Now you can workout in peace ***

Safety is never too much! Use your GYM Alarm to avoid someone to pick up your IPhone while you are working out!

This app will keep robbers and curious away from your IPhone while you are not there!

Easy to use and very accurate, the GYM Alarm was develop for those who have to leave his IPhone during the workout or while taking a shower at the gym.

The alarm you sound with the minimal movement, so, place your device on your purse or bag very tight and click on 'Start Alarm'

New features will soon be included and all the upgrades are going to be free of any charge.

The technology developed by Thetis Consulting for the GYM Alarm are:

- Optimizations to expend the less amount of battery possible!
- Optimizations on the accelerometer sensor to have the best accuracy!
- You wont find any difficulty using the GYM Alarm! It is really easy to use.

Enjoy your GYM Alarm and try it out with your friends, family, and girlfriend just for fun! : )

Created by Thetis Consulting.