Resistance Band Machines

Relatively new to the exercise market is technology that incorporates band and machinery. These compact machines provide adjustable seats, cable and band resistance, snap-on attachments and exercise instructions. Among the best known manufacturers of traditional weight and cable/band machinery are Bowflex and Bandflex.
Compared to the cost of purchasing a box of bands from a local fitness store, the expense of a resistance band or cable machine may seem high. However, many exercisers who are already accustomed to working with weight machines prefer them, and they can be a good incentive for beginners who are still uncertain how to proceed with bands.

The Correct Resistance

Choosing the correct resistance when working with machine or free weights can be ambiguous, especially for beginners. A rule of thumb for choosing the correct free weight is to lift only as much as you can in one repetition. This can be problematic if an exerciser lifts too much weight on the first attempt.
Resistance bands come in several different resistance strengths, ranging from extremely easy to very difficult. The lighter the color, the easier the stretch of the band. It is almost always apparent to an exerciser, just by virtue of how far they can stretch the band, which level is correct for their fitness level.

Convenience of Resistance Bands While Traveling

Traveling with free weights is difficult. Free weights are too cumbersome to fit easily into luggage, and in today's sensor- heavy travel ports, they may actually set off alarms or raise suspicions.
Resistance bands weigh almost nothing, are pliable enough to be stuffed into a coat pocket or suitcase, and do not cost much to replace if they are lost or stolen.

Take a Fitness Test Before Beginning Any Exercise Routine

Whether using free weights, machine weights or bands and cables, have a fitness test administered first by a certified personal trainer or physician. It is also possible to fitness test yourself at home, but it is best to have the tests conducted by a professional, if possible.