Try these twists to traditional exercises to maximize the potential of each workout. From tougher crunches to challenging squats, these tricks may help burn extra fat and give muscles a much-needed burn to tone and shape them.
From ten-minute sessions during a busy day to lengthy workouts, these exercises can be woven into an existing routine. Remember to stretch properly before beginning any of these exercises and assume a position best suited for preventing undue stress to back and neck muscles, or any muscles previously injured.

The Bicycle Twist

Similar to spinning routines, this exercise can be performed lying flat, arms raised and bent at the elbow, legs raised and bent at the knees (an inverted crawling position, in essence). Began "pedaling" as if riding a bicycle, keeping calves straight and knees bent.
Twist the upper body into side-to-side crunches, bringing the elbows almost in touch each knee as it flexes; keep the arms spaced apart as if gripping bicycle handles as the body moves.

Side-to-Side Squats

Assume the traditional position for squats, knees bent and weight balanced evenly. Bend the arms at the elbow, arms spread apart. Begin performing traditional squat exercises, flexing the upper body side to side in a crunch-like motion. Bring the elbows in line with the knee during each twist.