Getting in Shape with Simple Exercise Techniques

Swim and Row

Tone arm muscles with these simple maneuvers inspired by athletic activity. Mimic the butterfly stroke's powerful toning potential, only without a pool of water. Bend elbows and bring arms to a 180 degree angle; fingers straight, tips touching. Pull the arms apart in a powerful motion, then dip down in a gliding curve and "resurface", assuming the original position.
For the "rowing" arms, assume the first position of the butterfly stroke, then pull wide apart, keeping the shoulders and arms straight. Bring them together again close to the chest, keeping the exercise one smooth, powerful stroke.

All-Together Squats

Assume the normal squat position, this time with thighs together, feet spread slightly apart for balance. Position the muscle tension to burn the most in the upper thigh muscles with each repetition of the exercise. Use the rear and hip muscles to propel from a low position to the original stance.

Weightless Leg Lifts

Mimic the muscle strain of leg lifts without muscle tension or a machine. Lie flat with legs raised, knees bent, feet flattened and angled as if pushing a weight platform upwards. Carry through with the motion of pushing the imaginary platform away, keeping legs spaced apart to maximize the muscle burn.
A variety of muscle exercises and a regular routine can help tone muscles and burn calories, especially during the post-holiday weight blues.