Are There any Effective Fitness DVDs?

  • There are a lot of "fitness DVDs" out there to make our winters workout less chill inducing or save us time or money the rest of the year. They're cheap, they're accesible to most people, they save 'travel to the gym' time and they're private - which is helpful to a lot of exercisers.
    They do seem to all have different ideas of what fitness is and aren't very clear about who they're aimed for.  A fitness DVD may help you drop a dress size in a month but that doesn't neccessarily make it a good cardio workout so calling it a fitness DVD is a bit misleading.
    Cheap, accesible, time saving workouts are great. I'd love one. But no-one wants to waste that money or time on a workout that doesn't work for them.

    Are there any DVDs out there that really do help you keep fit? What are your favorite workout DVDs?