Book Review: Thrive Fitness By Brendan

Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training System is an excellent reference for a holistic-based diet and exercise program.  The author combines an incremental workout plan with superfoods and 30 vegan recipes with strategies to boost performance.  He discusses the refined food mess in great detail. Perhaps, a defining moment in the health care debate will be taxing bad food into oblivion.
Vitality is defined as high return exercise, nutrition, efficient sleep and stress reduction or elimination. After 4 training days, the incremental benefits start to level-off substantially like the Economic Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.
Specific sports are championed for benefits in continuous training movement.  Examples are basketball, hockey and squash. The author describes the basic principles of a thrive diet. These are as follows: 
o raw food or food cooked at a low temperature
o alkaline-based foods
o high nutrient-rich foods
I've incorporated these steps into my regimen with significant results.  For example,  juicing provides the benefit of consuming raw food.  Alkaline foods; such as avocado are high in nutrients with an alkaline pH ( 7.1 to 14).  The pH approaches zero with significant acidic bias when we die.  Other foods; such as salmon and deep sea fish are high in nutrients.
The author spends some time discussing the benefits of  high quality sleep.  The quality of sleep, deep relaxation and a prolonged sleep (in my experience) helps  to relax the body, repair musculoskeletal tissues and reduce caloric intake.  Time spent sleeping is time not spent in eating- particularly consumption of junk foods.
The book depicts a variety of performance building exercises ; such as,
o light weights
o stretches
o the exercise ball
o upright row and pull ups
I would add to this the use of the Chinese roving platform and exercise metallic balls to relieve stress in the hands and forearm. Walking is another good exercise to relax the body and de-stress. Yoga provides a similar benefit for stress reduction.
Classic recipes are provided for quick energy and nutritional purposes.  These are banana ginger, carob strawberry energy bars, green apple almond, lemon-lime drink and the papaya ginger smoothie.   There is an extensive glossary and reference section for science buffs and academicians. Overall, the book is an excellent value for consumers.
Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and creator of VEGA, an award-winning plant-based nutritional line, is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on athleticism and plant-based nutrition.  You'll find the author online at