I Tried It: The "Your Shape" Fitness Video Game

will confess: I don't like video games. Not even a tiny bit. My husband, on the other hand, has our living room decked out with all kinds of gaming equipment, including the Wii (he's 35 going on 14!), which came in handy when I tried this new popular high-tech fitness program featuring Jenny McCarthy.

Ever wanted to hire a personal trainer to show you how to do certain exercises and to encourage you to keep on going? That's the concept behind a new video "game" called Your Shape, featuring Jenny McCarthy (like her or not, she's the game's built-in "workout buddy").
The system comes with a camera that projects your workouts onto your TV and tactfully corrects your alignment/form as you work out. You start by taking a fitness test, then enter your fitness goals and the game spits out your personalized workout plan--for me, two days a week of rather intense cardio combined with some spot toning for problem areas.
My thoughts on this new game? In a word: fantastic! It's easy to use (even for a non-gamer like me), fun (did I just call a video game fun? I think I did!), and the best part: I think this products has the potential to help a lot of people get in shape in 2010 (guys and gals!). P.S. You can integrate any home gym equipment you have, like free weights, bands and balance balls--cool!