Priceless fitness tips

Tip no 1
Continuously challenge yourself! Try always for a personal record however small.
Avoid the hamster mentality a.k.a. endless walking or slow jogging on the treadmill etc.
Go for the H.I.I.T!! Try short but really intense workouts.Intensity is the best way for a real body metamorphosis.
Tip no 2
No fancy fitness gadgets!
No passive exercise(vibration platforms etc)
No fad diets!
No magic pills, potions or powders!
You will have to try hard!
You will have to sweat!
Don’t fall prey to the fitness charlatans’ deceitful promises!Be suspicious!
Tip no 3
Do you want to try the best workout ever??
Tip no 4
Do you want the best info on abs training?

Tip no 5
There is no best time for fitness activities.
The best time is this that better serves your schedule!
Tip  no 6
Don’t engage into endless repetitions trying for definition. Definition is a pleasant side-effect of fat loss.So aim for fat loss!
Tip no 7
The most important meals are the breakfast and the post workout meal (only after really tough workouts). If your workout is not challenging, don’t bother a lot with post workout nutrition.It’s a loss of time.
Tip no 8
You can control insulin levels and fat storage by spreading your caloric intake into about 6 meals/day. Do prefer food with a low glycemic index and load.
Tip no 9
You absolutely don’t need a gym (Except if you want to socialize or flirt!).
Try bodyweight circuits or dumbbell circuits in your home.Try hill sprint outside. You will save money and time!
See  Tip no 10 again.
Tip no 10
Never, ever quit. Time spent for a better physique is a valuable investment. When you catch your 40s you will understand why.But until then try not to lose valuable time!
Tip no 11
Mind beats body! Make your mental preparation.
Fight to be consistent, disciplined and self motivated!
Tip no 12
Best nutrition in only a few words:
- quality protein
- fibrous vegetables
- monounsaturated and omega-3 fats
- unprocessed, natural foods
- foods high in antioxidants
- minimal sugar and hydrogenated fats
- no fad diets!
- no exaggerations!
Tip no 13
Don’t follow the herd. Use your imagination. Try non conventional, functional and compound  exercises.
Don’t get obsessed with perfection!
Get obsessed with perpetual progress!