Staying Healthy All Year

There are a number of changes that a person can make to immediately create a healthier lifestyle. From quitting smoking to exercising and dieting, it is important to remember that healthy habits today can lead to more happiness as well as an increased life span. Make a few simple changes at a time to keep from being overwhelmed.

Eating Healthy

There are many diet plans that are promoted in books and magazines, from skipping carbohydrates to counting calories. The important thing to remember when planning daily meals is to get plenty of fruit, vegetables and water. Consuming too much starch or sugar can create a sluggish feeling in the body and add unnecessary weight. Although it may be difficult to eliminate sweets from the menu, it is important to keep desserts and fatty foods to a minimum. It may help to write a weekly menu, from full meals to snacks, in order to evaluate and plan for healthy foods.

Sleeping Healthy

It is extremely important to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. Try to eliminate all light sources in the bedroom, including televisions, VCRs and outside light entering the room. Lack of uninterrupted sleep can lead to feelings of fatigue, lack of concentration and feelings of depression. Being tired throughout the day can also cause accidents from falling asleep while driving as well as contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes and weight problems.

Working Healthy

Stress at work can create an overwhelming feeling of despondency in life. Try to focus on the positive aspects of a job, and address issues at work that may be negative or non-productive. Being content with a job means increased productivity, creativity, energy and optimism. Speak with a boss, mentor or friend to determine if there are ways to make changes to a job to make it more interesting, or try to find a job that will be truly enjoyable and create personal growth for years to come.

Exercising for Health

Exercising can, and should, be fun. Enjoyable activities, such as taking a brisk walk through the woods or a bike ride through the neighborhood, can be considered exercise. Swimming can be fun, as can a number of sports such as golf or tennis. It may be easier to exercise with other people, so find a friend to take that walk or go on that bike ride. If there is no time during the day for workouts, try to do simple leg lifts and sit ups first thing in the morning. Even ten minutes of exercise every day is better than none. As with any exercise program, consult a doctor prior to embarking upon a rigorous workout.

Playing for Health

Perhaps the most important aspect to staying healthy is to remember to balance work with play. This could be watching a movie, going to a party, meeting friends for cocktails after work, or staying home to finish reading a book. Try new activities, sign up for fun classes and experiment with new interests. Most of all, have fun.

Healthy Attitude, Positive Attitude

It is true that bad things happen to good people, but it is also more true that maintaining a positive attitude helps maintain health and decrease stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, optimistic and pessimistic thoughts can greatly affect a person’s health. So remember, keep the glass half full and envision great success. Above all else, laugh and enjoy life.

Medical Advice for Health

It is important to remember to seek expert medical advice for certain conditions when embarking upon a new dietary or fitness regime. Always consult a doctor for help with losing an excessive amount of weight or when beginning strenuous workouts.