Sticking to the New Year's Fitness Resolution is Important

With the coming of the new year, one of the most common resolutions that people make is to stick to their fitness routines, and the gym are currently crowded with exercisers who are full of determination and energy.
Getting, and staying fit, is not only the most common resolution, it is also the toughest to keep.
"We definitely see a huge influx of people trying to satisfy their new year's resolutions. Unfortunately, a lot of those don't quite pan out, and we really don't want that to happen", said Trevor Koppenhaver of Gold's Gym South York.
The best way to keep the resolution seems to be to have a workout buddy, who would motivate you when you are feeling down and vice versa, a method Laurie Renninger and Missy Parks swear by, who have now teamed up to hit the workouts together at the gym.
"I work out with my friend, and we both make a pact that we're going to be here for each other", Laurie said.
Many gyms and fitness clubs are offering discounts and deal at this time of the year and those serious about sticking to their resolution and working out all year around can make the most of these special membership offers.